Official titles



Are you interested in getting a degree water?

Want to expand your title to be able to navigate to 24m in length and Islands?

A BRAVASAIL are convinced that training is essential in order to safely navigate and guarantees, which is why we offer courses aimed at achieving a good level of navigation and are eminently practical, develop on board, patterns of first level.

Flexibility in schedules and groups, please contact us and we will inform you!

The official practice for the titles it could take are:

  • Navigation license - four hours of practice basic safety and navigation
  • Enabling Sailing - 16 hours of sailing, such practices are common to all degrees and enables sailing.
  • Basic navigation - eight hours of safety practices and navigation
  • Pattern boats - 16 hours of practice basic safety and navigation
  • Pattern of pleasure craft, complementary practices to enable the title to 24 m in length and exemption navigation between the mainland and the Balearic Islands - 24 hours navigation
  • Skipper - 48 hours browsing through
  • Captain of Yacht - 48 hours browsing through